Hindi Typing Tutor

Learning Hindi typing is Easy, Here we are proving the Free On-line Hindi Typing Tutor (Keyboard Layout Remington, Font used Unicode Mangal font) Start from Exercise 1 and go threw the last, practise 1 exercise daily, don't try all exercise in one day, Go one by one and practise them on daily basis, you will learn Hindi typing in just 12 days with good speed and accuracy as well. Mangal font and Remington keyboard is allowed for may govt examination likes : SSC, CPCT, CRPF, CISF etc.

1Type Home Rows Characters8Type Home + Bottom Rows Characters
2Type Home Rows simple Words9Type Home + Bottom Rows Characters
3Type Upper Rows + Home Rows Characters10Type All Rows Characters
4Type Upper Rows + Home Rows Characters11Type All Rows Characters
5Type Upper Rows + Home Rows Characters12Type All Rows Characters
6Type Home + Upper Rows Characters13Type All Rows Characters
7Type Bottom Rows Characters
Remington Gail/ Mangal Font Hindi Typing Shortcut Keys